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ghetto defendant

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weird [23 Apr 2013|06:37pm]
it's strange, my last entry is pretty accurate to what i'm thinking right now.


some changes are coming, and changes are always nerve-wracking. I read a quote long ago that said, when you are nervous it's because you've made it somewhere you should be proud to be. let's hope that's true.

otherwise, things are good. we've been in our house a year. i love our house. i remembered the other day that i used to visit my grandma when she was in the hospital at st. joe's and be real scared of the area. it'd be funny to say to my scared self, "hey, you are gonna live in this neighborhood."

scared of the UNKNOWN is all.

good luck to me on my thursday 2nd cycle of the interview process ;)
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whoa! [01 Jan 2012|08:44pm]
the only "person" on my friend's feed is a celebrity community.

I am 27 years old.

I am a teacher

I've been on christmas break!

it's been so amazin'.

i am going back to my children positively, fun, happy. kids want to have fun and be happy. i'm going to challenge them to think a bit deeper about stuff, but i'm not going to push the crap too much because it's not like my school cares anyways.

i love my cats.

my husband and i finally have CAREERS. we are BOTH making a SALARY! that's pretty good considering.

sigh. i need to enjoy myself and jason more.

i wish i could see my parents more often too.

and i need to plan my next out of country trip.

goodbye nobody.
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i so proud of myself! [20 Oct 2008|06:54pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I just had to come to my computer IMMEDIATELY after I returned from my first ever exercise class at the YMCA. After becoming thoroughly disgusted with how chubby I've let myself get, I decided to get a membership at the Y. I got it last week and met with a personal trainer who set me up in their "Commit to be Fit" program. I like doing aerobics, so I got a list of all their programs and went tonight to "Y-Blitz" aka Boot Camp. I liked the instructor very much. He was funny, he pushed you, and most importantly he played SOUL FOR REAL...srsly. We had to run the track TWO TIMES, i thought I was going to barf....but I kept going. My arms still feel like Jello from push-ups and triceps push-ups, but I did all 60 minutes. I didn't feel stupid, all the people there kind of push you to keep going because you don't want to look stupid in front of everyone (even though I'm not really concerned about that), and they are all on different fitness levels. I'm just so proud of myself. I am going to keep doing this. I'll work out on equipment during the week and am going to start off going to that class once a week and work my way towards going to more classes during the week. I really think I can do it this time. I finally had my "aha" moment and I've at long last done something about it.


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hells yes [25 Aug 2008|09:41pm]
holy shit!

kelly and i just you tubed all sorts of amazing early 90's r & b.
soul for real-- my love, do you ever dream of, candy coated raindrops?
and of course..


sighhh. the good ol' jam days.
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[22 Aug 2008|10:49pm]
I'm really starting to look forward to my wedding.

That and all the fucking PRESENTS and MONEY!!!

But, seriously. It's going to be so fun. Wine and beer flowing... probably a DJ playing inappropriate gansta music. Awesome cake (chocolate with PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING...YUM).

And best of all, I'll be married to Jason. He better not die because I NEVER EVER want to have to find the perfect man again. EVER.
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busy and money-less [17 Aug 2008|09:07pm]
i bought a plane ticket to see my parents in texas next month before the wedding. my mom is taking me to gruene (pronounced GREEN) to share a bottle of wine with me.

we are going to go shopping for whatever we are going to wear to the wedding. i know i will get this paid for, but that's okay because...

i'm taking my mom to woodhouse spa for a massage, facial, and pedicure.

the plane ticket broke my bank account. pretty sure the $420 + tip for the spa will be hard to muster... but i love my mommy. she deserves it (so do i).

i'm getting married really, really soon. i hope that i get all the shit done. uughh.
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social securtiy now, plz? [27 Jul 2008|09:37am]
okay! i'm ready to retire! i don't want to work anymore i don't like it. for real. having to work every day for a living is BULLSHIT. there is nothing-- NOTHING--- i want to do more than whatever i want to do. If I want to sleep in til 12 pm one day i should be able to. if i want to lay on the couch all day fine. if i want to be active and exercise or hiking i should. but nooooo... we must work 40+ hours per week to get money and never have time for ourselves. stupid. i want to live in europe at least where they get like a month of paid vacation. could you imagine??? i think the average of other countries gets like 28 days off. paid. fuck. i want 28 days OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.
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HAIL AMERICA [03 Jul 2008|11:21pm]
I'd like you all to watch Wake up news on Fox 6 this saturday to see STRIPES the cat try his hand at tv stardom. Also, if you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, please think more about it. The humane society has lots of animals. One dog ready had an eye hanging out when he came. now he's one eye only, all sewed up and ready to go home. plus there is a very nice rabbit named yosaki yomjimbo or something who is so cute. i wish i could help all our animals, except for some very obnoxious dogs.

with that said, i am really enjoying my job thus far. it's exhausting, but that's exercise! so i'm happy doing that. part of me will be sad to go back in the schools in the fall since i won't be getting such a work-out. i'll still work there though. i'm already starting to DREAD winter coming. it's going to be here before we know it. i boycott winter.

not much else going. my days off are tuesdays, fridays and saturdays. usually i babysit all those nights, but i've reserved my tuesdays as cook days where i make weeks of meals to be enjoyed when i'm not home to cook. basically, i'm trying to live my dream of domesticity. unfortunately, i am not yet rich. this makes it much harder.

important: if you own season 2 of the l word, please let me borrow it ASAP before i go buy something i can't afford.

have fun celebrating our terrible country tomorrow! i know i will.
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hurray for me in 1998 [11 Jun 2008|05:11pm]
i've kept journals since the 6th grade (i have 7 so far), and from time to time i will break them out and read about my life in the past. the first ones are soooo annoying. all i talk about is boys and the most pathetic things. i also was a total jesus freak, so that's embarrassing. you don't even know...

but, there was a long period of time that i had a huge REAL celebrity crush on devon sawa, famous for little giants, now and then, my favorite (but less known)- the boys club, and of course IDLE HAND. at one point, i constructed a huge centerless heart over my bed in which i pasted three internet printed pictures of him inside. i wrote about devon sawa in my journal a lot. here's one example:

6-27-98 (whoa ten years ago!)
I rented some movies over the week. "The Boys Club" had Devon Sawa in it. I fell absolutely in love with him again. When I'm older, I should rent that movie and find out how Devon is doing. He's SO HOT!!! And he looks so sexy in the clothes he wore. His voice makes me melt. I wish I marry him. I also rented What's Eating Gilbert Grape. That's a really great movie.
Devon + Dana (enclosed in a heart)

so, true to my 13-year-old self, i will try to find the movie and rent it. also, i've looked up to see how that devon is doing...

Currently, Devon Sawa is in pre-production of the movie "Bind". This year, he finished Creature of Darkness, which we should all be seeing real soon. Before that, he filmed in 2006 the major hit "Devil's Den", the movie's tagline being "Perfect bodies. Damaged souls." Sounds pretty good. Pretty much, he makes really shitty movies- minus his part in SLC Punk, which I enjoyed. And here is a glorious picture of the man I fell in love with in Boys Club- he was a bad-ass and apparently dressed to rouse all lust within my teenaged body...


this is the exact picture i put over my bed. you will find devon on the far left, being totally bad boy-ed out, smoking.

i'm happy my marriage wishes didn't work out, because he didn't turn out so well...
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[29 Apr 2008|05:14pm]
So, I just re-read my blogs on myspace since i have so much to do... and i stumbled upon the following excerpts. what runs through my mind is how i can't believe i did that for so long, 40+ hours a week for many, many, awful months. i applaud myself for getting over that period of my life. congratulations, dana, on finding a nice job.

Friday, August 10, 2007

adventures in human services

i've been assigned to this client and have been doing staff training with care givers to work with her. she has totally strange behaviors and the ones i targeted were:

1) darting/escaping

2) smearing BM or bodily fluids (saliva)

3) dumping liquids

4) shredding clothing

5) putting objects or clothing in toilet

6) aggression (pushing)

On a typical day, she comes home and runs down her apartment building's hallway, up the stairs, and down again to where she throws her shoes in her neighbor's closet, then goes into her unit. She will change her clothes about 10 times in an hour, and use the bathroom about 20 times an hour. But today.... I got lucky.

I see her pushing like she is trying to poop as she is sitting in her chair. She puts her hands down the back of her pants and brings poop covered fingers across her shirt which becomes smeared with brown. I am shouting, "No! Don't, stop!" to no avail, as she continues scooping the poop out of her pants, flinging it on the floor, running down the hallway and into her room as chunks of poop follow in her footsteps. She goes into her room to remove her pants and begins to spread the poop all over her legs and rub it onto her feet like it's lotion. I seriously can't believe I am seeing what I am seeing and scream, "GET IN THE BATH!" She obeys, poop still falling in chunks along the bathroom and hallway floor. I get the shower head, adjust it to full blast and start spraying the poop that's smeared all over her body into the drain. Another staff member and I spend the next hour washing poop stained clothes, bleaching surfaces, and searching the dark carpet for hidden chunks of poop. After the whole ordeal I am slightly disgusted, but amazingly pretty well adapted to this- for lack of better word, shit. I only comment how it was so monkey-like and that I am so excited that next week is my last at this job.
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¡hola! [20 Apr 2008|07:36am]
So, i´m in costa rica. we spent the first two days and nights outside of san jose in heredia with two local families. we tried to hike up volcan barva and failed miserably. it has rained every day. staying with who we did was awesome, we got to eat great food and see how they live down here. i like it very much. the first guy we stayed with had a huge house, nicer than anywhere else we will stay... and all the houses have iron fences with razor wire all around the tops. they do it because of perceived crime around the area... but you are able to walk all around just fine. you can take a bus for a quarter. it´s great.

next, we went to la fortuna... tourist trap. we saw volcan arenal and hiked the rainforest. i saw several monkies swinging in the trees. it was rainy, so no lava show . then we went to a hot springs that has been made into a spa. they blast phil collins and it´s full of only americans on high school senior trip. very annoying. i slipped on the rocks and bruised my toe. that sucked. we will never go back to baldi hot springs.

yesterday we were still in la fortuna... still raining, but we walked all around and decided to go rapelling in the waterfalls. it was great, despite the group we were with- developers from the hamptons with property in guanacaste, two old sisters showing off their ability to speak spanish and talking of articles they read about global cooling... i hate americans. but it was cool none the less.

we are about to leave to go to the beach on the west coast. it´s supposed to be sunny there. we will go snorkeling. we are going to try to make it to santa elena before heading back to heredia to stay with the first guy we stayed with. then back home to see my cats and return to regular life. how is the weather up there? it best be getting warmer.
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[26 Mar 2008|04:50pm]
I'm back on a Judge Judy kick. I think I would make a pretty good judge, because as I watch these cases, I can tell who is lying- just like J.J herself! Although, I'd probably become a really mean, lazy judge after starting out being really excited about the job and getting to nose into people's lives. It'd be like when I was so compassionate for people with mental illnesses, and then I worked with them and it took about a month before I hated almost every single client.

Today's weather is "nice". Of course, we have a winter snow advisory in effect. That's what happened on the last "nice day"- blizzard the next! I can't stand it. I am looking forward to Jason getting a new degree, us moving to some place scenic (with short, standable winters) where he can do research, and hopefully me having a teaching certificate by then and being a cutsie teacher with my own classroom complete with organized stations and lesson plans. One thing I absolutely love watching and being a part of is kids learning to read. It's so cool to see them at the beginning of the year only recognizing their name, and then at the end they can read books. Even more wonderful is watching the girl from Israel be able to read and speak English after coming here being confused every day, crying, only able to speak Hebrew with no one to understand her. Now, she's double smart- speaking, translating, reading both Hebrew and English. Never, ever give up the Hebrew I tell her.

I wish America was on track with the rest of the world in teaching other languages. Hopefully one day everyone will be immersed in at least one other worldly language so we can communicate better and just be cooler. By the time that happens though, the ice will all have melted and the poles will switch and everything will be crazy, like in His Dark Materials. I love those books. If you haven't yet, pick up the Golden Compass, His Subtle Knife, and the Amber Lookinglass. Or, you can borrow our copies.

I need to find a summer job. That's coming up quickly. I better move fast.

Costa Rica in 2 1/1 weeks. I'm scared! I'll be burnt to a crisp, eaten by jaguars and snakes, and dying in a volcano crater. Oh, no!
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[22 Mar 2008|11:19am]

As many of you I'm sure are awares, yesterday was the 14th day of Adar, thus it was PURIM in the Jewish world. Purim is the day that Queen Esther saved all the Jews by adding to her husband's decree that all Jews be killed that they were allowed to defend themselves, therefore she saved them all. In honor of this, the Jews read the story of Queen Esther twice, dress up in costume, eat a huge feast, send each other mishloach minot- or baskets of goodies, and get so drunk that they can't tell the difference between what is left and what is right. The last one is an actual commandment. So Purim is kind of a fun holiday because you get to dress up, have candy, and lots of fun. Some of the other Gentiles who work with me don't enjoy it and take the day off as it fell on Good Friday and they won't be doing any celebrating on that day as Jesus DIED. Whatever... I had myself some fun. So, I hope you enjoyed this Jewish lesson and pictures of Morah Dana as a cat. Consider yourselves more cultured and wish all your fellow Jew friends a happy Purim.
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hate. weather. [10 Mar 2008|05:42pm]
I just want to let you all know that one year ago today it was 73 degrees outside. 73 DEGREES!!! This winter sucks. I hate it and want it to go away! It's messing with my brains!

In other news, along with immersion at my job, I've acquired the book "Learning Hebrew for Dummies" and am working on counting to ten (also learning Hebrew entirely). I have a babysitting gig with a family from Israel and it's so strange when they are talking to me and trying to tell me something and I have no idea what they are saying. One of them at bedtime was like, "alkdjalkdjf ROSH aldkaj;dkj". I know rosh= head, so i was like what's wrong with your head? he says, i...know....what...wrong? my... mother... no give me.... the ball? before...sleep? i love the israelis. I read the learning hebrew book to one of them and she laughs because i am saying strange phrases like, "could you recommend a nice restaurant for me?" obviously these phrases are NOT all that practical.

i fell off of the dieting wagon. it's winter's fault! it's just so cold and lonely and i'd rather watch tv and do my crocheting projects. however, i DID just complete one hour of cardio after not having exercised in probably a month. it's sad how i did not make my goal, but hopefully it will warm and the streets will flood with melting snow and the air will smell fresh and i will get some happiness inside me that makes me move. and in regards to crocheting, i've become a master. i finished the cutest baby sweater and gave it to my favorite baby. the parents loved it and so did all their rich friends. i may be getting commissioned because apparently my pieces are "original" and not something you can find a le botique. too bad it takes me 2 months to finish something. i've started a cute, simple scarf for myself and after that i'm making kelly a dress. i will post pictures later to get compliments on.

thank you for reading.

Ms. Dana
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VAGINA DAY! [14 Feb 2008|07:32pm]
Today I had a good valentine's day. We don't recognize SAINT valentine's day at the Jewish schools, which is kinda too bad. I bet a school valentine party would have been fun. However, PURIM is coming and that is a holiday where you get to dress up in glorious costume.

ANYWAYS, I was let off early (still with pay), so Jason and I went 'round the Riverwest to complete our V-Night. I bought this ridiculous gold spandex suit with holes and rings- something straight out of a porn shoot- to be worn later this evening. It is not my choice, but Jason likes cheesy, horrible lingerie, so I must oblige. THEN, we went to the TOOLSHED to purchase a vibrating cock ring. None were really to my liking, but we said we'd come back after our dinner at Stonefly. We did, to purchase the "Sweetie Box" from Riverwest Co-op with delicious goodies. I talked Jason into this one little cock ringer, and to our delight we were offered two for the price of one due to the display toys being the only ones left! So, Jason and I had an evening of sex toys and hideous gold suit-wearage. And I must say, I had an enjoyable evening thus far.
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puh-leez? [11 Feb 2008|09:17pm]
it would be awesome if tomorrow is the third snow day of the year and i get yet another day to stay home while getting PAID. it would be even more awesome if i used that day to clean this apartment, and if jasey-jase did not get into an accident on the way home to me from burlington.

also, i've lost ten pounds + inches. i must continue on. i MUST.
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what's happening to milwaukee??? [08 Feb 2008|08:22pm]
i've been noticing lately that milwaukee is getting REALLY, REALLY shitty. i live on north and weil, and every day take north avenue to work, and go around silver spring to fon du lac, the keefe area around burleigh, and sometimes take north all the way up to tosa for side jobs. after the snow fall, it's been really apparent that the roads are turning to rubble. I have never seen so many potholes, and i mean deep, big potholes. Chunks of gravel are everywhere, it's like the snowplows plowed away the roads. of course, these are not wealthy areas. the segregation and separation between the different parts of the city are getting wider and wider. I don't think the City is paying any attention. Jason's experiences in working with cases of parents who lost their children and working with foster families doesn't make the whole outlook any better. It's really sad, and I wish that I could change something. Of course, I can't. Voting isn't going to change anything, working in human services would only make me mad (I've already done it...worst time of my life). It really makes me depressed- the way the world works. Capitalism is just really awful. People who are poor are going to stay poor. The wealthy are going to keep getting more wealthy and soon our city is going to be a garbage dump. There was one day not that long ago, I think I was on MLK, and there was garbage flying everywhere. It was disgusting. Tons of kids are growing up in that environment. Whenever I take Center Street home from work, if it's already dark, I swear I almost hit little kids who are walking home from school and have to walk in the street because none of the sidewalks are shoveled. I hate it. But, what am I supposed to do? I honestly don't think there's anything I could do.

Also, I am completely perplexed by these HIV billboards I've been seeing. They start out saying, "HIV has never looked so sexy... Get tested, it's okay". The female orientated one has a girl in a bikini and on the side it says, "SEXY, THICK, DIME." The guy one has a rap star looking guy and on the his quotes are "BLING, BLING, ROLLIN' ON DUBS,..." and i forget the last quote. First of all, what the hell does "sexy, thick, dime" mean? Second of all, what is that trying to say? HIV never looked so sexy? It doesn't say getting the HIV TESTING is sexy, it says the HIV is sexy. I'm confused. I dare whoever made that dumb sign to put it out in Brookfield. Also, I don't think they have any billboard out there that says, "Shaking a baby is NEVER okay". Really???? Grrrr....
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last months of singledom [24 Jan 2008|07:01am]
So, I am notorious for doing things I said I never would. Next up- I ares getting married. It's not that I said I'd never get married, I am just adverse to the whole process. Which I still am. Jason and I decided that we are going to wed. We picked a date, we are not having a public ceremony- we are going to the courthouse and inviting our parents to it because it's important to them. However, we are having a party. And, I'm going to make it a good, fun party. Jason and I are the happiest we've ever been in our lives with each other. We have had the most comfortable, stable relationship I've ever known, we have trust in each other, we'd already promised each other to spend our lives together, and we have the same exact goals in mind for our future. So, why not? I'm sick of my last name, anyways. It feels very weird. The worst part has been having to tell people because to us it's not scream-worthy. We probably aren't getting rings and we are doing things very differently. I know this is okay, but people do have problems with others outside the norm. Our parents have been very supportive of our unoriginal plans though. I know it's kind of annoying, all these people getting married... but, I guess it's just one of those times again. But, this time I'm adding to the craziness. Sorry!!!
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GREAT NEWZ! [09 Jan 2008|08:27pm]
I got my blood levels checked over X-mas break. Turns out, I HAVE HIGH CHOLESTEROL! I'M 23! I don't know the facts, but I don't think it's good to be in your early twenties and have high cholesterol. To my defense, I have PCOS... so, I mean. And my total cholesterol wasn't that high, but my trigylcerides are super high. Of course, that is the amount of fat in the blood. I'm not too surprised, but this sucks!
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2008, WHOOOOOOO! [31 Dec 2007|08:20pm]
Jason and I are really lame. Alls we've done tonight has been watching the Intervention marathon and debating whether or not we should go sit at a coffee house or something (we won't). It's okay though, we're lame, and we're lame together.

Tomorrow is the first day of 2008 and the first day of my totally official going to do it no excuses diet and exercise year. I'm going to lose all the weight I've gained, look good, and exercise to get healthy and gain some body confidence based on my accomplishments. It's exciting, and I'm really getting off to a good start as Jason and I both have off and are going CROSS COUNTRY SKIING! You probably don't know this about me, but from when I was maybe 6 years old until 11 years old I was a bad ass X-country skier. In fact, the first item I stole was one of those plastic bottom things on the spear of a ski pole. My whole family would ski the trails of New Berlin and Brookfield parks looking like a bunch of nerds with our cool square tipped shoes, swishing around. So, I've been thinking about this and how much I enjoyed it. I stopped because I outgrew my skis and my parents outgrew the activity, so I called up my aunt and turns up her and my uncle both have all their equipment collecting dust in the basement. Plans have been made to pick it all up tomorrow and head over to one of the Kettle Moraine Parks with our trusty year pass to all of Wisconsin State Parks to ski the groomed trails that await for us. It's great exercise, and it's fun. It will also be funny to watch Jason on skis. He will fall. I will photo it.

Happy 2008 all you drunks.
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