ghetto defendant (danadear) wrote,
ghetto defendant

last months of singledom

So, I am notorious for doing things I said I never would. Next up- I ares getting married. It's not that I said I'd never get married, I am just adverse to the whole process. Which I still am. Jason and I decided that we are going to wed. We picked a date, we are not having a public ceremony- we are going to the courthouse and inviting our parents to it because it's important to them. However, we are having a party. And, I'm going to make it a good, fun party. Jason and I are the happiest we've ever been in our lives with each other. We have had the most comfortable, stable relationship I've ever known, we have trust in each other, we'd already promised each other to spend our lives together, and we have the same exact goals in mind for our future. So, why not? I'm sick of my last name, anyways. It feels very weird. The worst part has been having to tell people because to us it's not scream-worthy. We probably aren't getting rings and we are doing things very differently. I know this is okay, but people do have problems with others outside the norm. Our parents have been very supportive of our unoriginal plans though. I know it's kind of annoying, all these people getting married... but, I guess it's just one of those times again. But, this time I'm adding to the craziness. Sorry!!!
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