ghetto defendant (danadear) wrote,
ghetto defendant


Today I had a good valentine's day. We don't recognize SAINT valentine's day at the Jewish schools, which is kinda too bad. I bet a school valentine party would have been fun. However, PURIM is coming and that is a holiday where you get to dress up in glorious costume.

ANYWAYS, I was let off early (still with pay), so Jason and I went 'round the Riverwest to complete our V-Night. I bought this ridiculous gold spandex suit with holes and rings- something straight out of a porn shoot- to be worn later this evening. It is not my choice, but Jason likes cheesy, horrible lingerie, so I must oblige. THEN, we went to the TOOLSHED to purchase a vibrating cock ring. None were really to my liking, but we said we'd come back after our dinner at Stonefly. We did, to purchase the "Sweetie Box" from Riverwest Co-op with delicious goodies. I talked Jason into this one little cock ringer, and to our delight we were offered two for the price of one due to the display toys being the only ones left! So, Jason and I had an evening of sex toys and hideous gold suit-wearage. And I must say, I had an enjoyable evening thus far.
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