ghetto defendant (danadear) wrote,
ghetto defendant

hate. weather.

I just want to let you all know that one year ago today it was 73 degrees outside. 73 DEGREES!!! This winter sucks. I hate it and want it to go away! It's messing with my brains!

In other news, along with immersion at my job, I've acquired the book "Learning Hebrew for Dummies" and am working on counting to ten (also learning Hebrew entirely). I have a babysitting gig with a family from Israel and it's so strange when they are talking to me and trying to tell me something and I have no idea what they are saying. One of them at bedtime was like, "alkdjalkdjf ROSH aldkaj;dkj". I know rosh= head, so i was like what's wrong with your head? he says, i...know....what...wrong? my... mother... no give me.... the ball? before...sleep? i love the israelis. I read the learning hebrew book to one of them and she laughs because i am saying strange phrases like, "could you recommend a nice restaurant for me?" obviously these phrases are NOT all that practical.

i fell off of the dieting wagon. it's winter's fault! it's just so cold and lonely and i'd rather watch tv and do my crocheting projects. however, i DID just complete one hour of cardio after not having exercised in probably a month. it's sad how i did not make my goal, but hopefully it will warm and the streets will flood with melting snow and the air will smell fresh and i will get some happiness inside me that makes me move. and in regards to crocheting, i've become a master. i finished the cutest baby sweater and gave it to my favorite baby. the parents loved it and so did all their rich friends. i may be getting commissioned because apparently my pieces are "original" and not something you can find a le botique. too bad it takes me 2 months to finish something. i've started a cute, simple scarf for myself and after that i'm making kelly a dress. i will post pictures later to get compliments on.

thank you for reading.

Ms. Dana
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